Temporary exhibitions

DOMVS, The roman house in Chao Samartín" in The Campa Torres Museum

From June 17 until January 8, 2017, it will be possible contemplate the exhibition " DOMVS. A Roman house in the hopscotch of Chow Samartín " in the Archaeological - natural Park of the Treeless Towers in Gijon, where there appears some of the wall paintings recovered in Grandas de Salime's deposit as part(report) of the decoration of one great building of lordly freightage constructed during the 1st century A.D.
The exhibition has been realized by pieces of the collection of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias and explains the historical context in the one that got up the domus. It(he,she) tries to show the changes produced in a community castreña that under the guardianship of the Roman army transforms in aristocratic residence and the probable administrative capital of the civitas Ocela, mentioned by Ptolemy