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On Thursday, the 26th May, 19:30 h. 

Andrés Menéndez Blanco, Jose M. Coast García and David Gonzalez Álvarez.

In the last years, the military Roman archaeology on the peninsular northwest has experimented a " small revolution ". If at the end of the 20th century scarcely there was known a handful of deposits directly related to the presence of the Roman army in the territories that at present occupy Asturias, León, Galicia and the north of Portugal, at present this number has multiplied substantially. In the last years, the access opened for an important set of resources and tools (the photographs for satellite, historical, LiDAR, SIG …) not only has allowed an intense methodological renovation in archaeology, but in addition it has democratized substantially the process It has democratized substantially the process of investigation, stimulating an increasing interest for this historical subject matter.

In consequence, these new discoveries begin to change the image that we had it brings over of the process of conquest and romanización of these lands. Moreover, for the study of these historical processes there must be valued adequately the role played so much by the Roman army as by the indigenous population. In this chat the last archaeological innovations were revised in the matter, there being discussed the methodology used for the location and study of the notable deposits and the articulated strategies of analysis and socialization in the bosom of the archaeological project that has in the web his more visible face.