Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

Museums and Cultural Landscapes. Cycle of conferences organized by the Council of Education and Culture on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Museums.

Next May 18 there is celebrated in the whole world a new edition of the International Day of the Museums. Every year the International Advice(Council) of Museums, ICOM, proposes a motto about which to think, being in this occasion " Museums and Cultural Landscapes ".
This topic refers to the responsibility of the museums with the heritage(holdings) that one finds out of his(her,your) walls, in his(her,your) environment and of which they form a part activates.
With this motive from the Council of Education and Culture one has organized a cycle of conferences in the museums Archaeological and Fine arts of Asturias for what one has possessed(relied on) professionals expert in different areas of the Cultural Landscape.


18.00 h. Presentation of the cycle at the expense of the Vicecounselor of Culture, Vicente Domínguez.
18.15 h. The cultural landscapes: general aspects and a look from Asturias at the expense of Víctor Fernandez Salinas, secretary general of ICOMOS's Spanish Committee.
 19.15 h. The National Plan of Cultural Landscape at the expense of Maria Linarejos Cruz Pérez, coordinator of the National Plans of Cultural Landscape and of Industrial Heritage(Holdings)

Thursday on May 19 in the Museum of Fine arts of Asturias:
18.00 h. Covadonga like symbolic landscape. From the temple of the miracle to the temple of Spain at the expense of Vidal de La Madrid, historian of the Art and teacher of the University of Oviedo
19.00 h. Oviedo: urban memory and cultural  of Sergio Tomé, geographer teacher of the University of Oviedo

Friday on May 20 in the Archaeological Museum of Asturias:
18.00 h. The cultural landscapes of Asturias : the vineyard. Observatory of the Territory: Felipe Fernández, Daniel Herrera, David Olay and Cristina Fernández
Wednesday on May 25 in the Museum of Fine arts of Asturias:
19.00 h. Industry and memory. Chronicle desafectada of the landscapes of the affection at the expense of Nacho Ruiz Allén, architect and teacher in Arkitekskolen Aarhus of Denmark.